Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have You Ever...a look into the everyday life of an artist

Things to ponder, laugh at, and delight in. Please join me in this fun new list. I plan to update with a new art related "Have You Ever..." every Friday. So, be sure to check back, comment on my posts or come up with your own art related "Have You Ever..."

Have You Ever...dipped your brush into your drink instead of the water cup?

Have You Ever...been a passenger driving somewhere and yelled at the driver to "STOP THE CAR",  so that you could get out and take pictures of the light glancing off the water, a sunset glowing through the trees, or a field of wildflowers?

Have You Ever...had someone ask you how long it took to do that painting? The best response to this that I have heard is that it took 20 years + 15 hours (the years you struggled to learn the medium and find your individual "voice" plus the 15 hours to paint the painting and make it all look so easy).

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  1. Very fun post!!! Yes I have dipped my brush into my drink, I also have feline friends that I have to fight off so they won't drink my paint water. I come from a family of people that have to pull over and photograph beautiful scenes. My Dad is a photographer and I grew up being very embarrassed as he would stop, drop and photograph:) He was always laying on the ground somewhere to get the perfect picture, while I was fielding all of the bystanders that were concerned he was having a heart attack. My favorite was when we lived in D.C., the tulips were blooming around the National Monument, he proceeded to plop down right in the middle of the bed of tulips so that he could get the perfect shot, tulips in front looking up towards the Monument. The funny thing was as soon as he got up there was a line of tourists anxiously awaiting to fill his body print and get the same photo. Now I find myself doing similar things, guess my kids will just have to be embarrassed:)

  2. Wow, you poor thing as a child it was probably very embarrassing! My kids and husband are used to me having to stop for pictures. Now I have a daughter that loves photography and she is just like me. When ever we go somewhere new, she and I are always trailing behind to get shots of all the amazing sites. With the advent of digital cameras I can take more pictures than ever!

  3. Hey LOri,
    This is great! Have you ever spilled a whole palette of watercolors on a white carpet? I did, and spent several days hiding and cleaning, hiding and cleaning until I finally got all of it. First thing is "Do not panic" Ha! Next get as many dry rags as you can and begin blotting and blotting and blotting. Next get damp towels and blot. Do not rub. You have to change the towel space every blot. Finally, use soap and water. If you try to get the carpet wet before you blot, it will spread everywhere and you will have a watercolor carpet

  4. Ooh, not good! I have never spilled a palette of watercolors on a white carpet. But, my sons red gatorade leaked out of the bottle in his soccer bag and the carpet had nice big pink stains that never came out! Luckily the carpet needed replacing anyway. Thanks for your post, I will add it to the "Have You Ever" page.