Friday, April 15, 2011

Have You Ever...a look into the everyday life of an artist

Please join me in this fun new list. I plan to update with a new art related "Have You Ever..." every Friday. So, don't miss out, comment on my posts or come up with your own art related "Have You Ever..."

Have You Ever...repeatedly checked the mail box looking for the envelope that is addressed to you, in your own handwriting, and before you open the envelope, you feel it to see if it still contains the same number of slides that you sent to be juried? If there are fewer, you know even before opening the envelope that your painting was accepted into the show!

Now, with the advent of most shows changing to digital images and online entries, you can't get that little thrill before opening the envelope.


  1. Hi Lori,

    Oh yes, can relate to that...waited with anticipation of an acceptance...felt for the slides in the envelope. With digital entries, I now feel to see if the envelope is thick (acceptance letter, instructions, directions, etc.) or thin (rejection letter). But it can fool you. A thick envelope once yielded a rejection, while a thin envelope was an acceptance. In any event, my husband usually opens the mail, so he will know before I do!

  2. Yes, I have experienced this exact thing. I also found surprises, like a rejection with marketing material, and thin acceptance slips, so nowadays I don't read much into the shape of the envelope until I've opened it.