Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Painting on Watercolor Canvas - Purple Waterlily finished

Purple Waterlily © L Watry
    I finished the Purple Waterlily painting on canvas yesterday. This painting is on Fredrix watercolor canvas and is 12"x12". If you want to see my 1st post of the painting in process click here: Painting on Watercolor Canvas - Purple Waterlily
    I didn't achieve the color of gray in the water that I originally wanted, but over all I think it turned out OK. I found out that when I tried to wash off the gray water and start again there was either tiny particles of dust on the canvas or the fabric itself was disturbed and left a grainy texture to the next washes in the water. 
    I added some more shadowing to the gray water and under the edges of the lily pads and washed another layer of green over the lily pads. I had to be careful not to scrub with my brush because it would remove the earlier layers. On some of the lily pads I had to go back once the green was dry and add some more Quinacridone Magenta to the burgundy stripes on the lily pads.
    I also removed the masking and softened or cleaned up some of the masked areas. One of my students asked me why I used masking on canvas when it is so easy to remove paint. My response was that even though you can remove paint from canvas very easily, you can't always get the canvas back to pure white. Also, the masking reminds me where I want the highlights to be. Some of the bubbles and highlights are very small and it is easier to mask them than to try and lift them out.
    My last step will be to seal the painting with 4 coats of an archival acrylic sealer. I use a matte finish because I don't want it looking shiny.

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