Saturday, March 5, 2011

Painting Silver in Watercolor - the finale

Shows Over © L Watry
My band painting "Shows Over" is now complete.  At the last post I still had the upper section of the main tuba to finish. With classes to teach and normal family schedules it took several days before I could finish up. I continued by carefully looking at small sections at a time looking for the random shapes and colors that made up each section. An important aspect to painting metal is to make sure you have strong values. The difference between the lightest lights and darkest darks are what make the metal shine. 
After the painting was finished I took some time to look at it; I turned it upside down, looked at it in a mirror and moved it around the house with me. During this last step I was looking for anything that would jump out at me as wrong or incomplete. One of the first changes I made was to add another wash of gray to the benches in the upper right. This change helped to make the upper section of the horn stand out. I also checked for any left over masking by lightly running my hand around the painting. It is a good thing I did because I found a few hidden areas of masking that I had missed. I removed the masking and cleaned up the area around the masking by painting the edges the surrounding colors or by softening to make the masked area feel like a natural part of the painting.
I really enjoyed working on this painting, it was a slow process, but a very nice change from my normal subject matter. I plan on painting more in this series and will continue to follow my sons marching band around to take exciting source material and of course cheer for his band.

Please check back, as I already have a new, very detailed, waterlily painting to get started on.

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