Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watercolor of Waterlilies Stage 3

Stained Glass Waterlilies ©L Watry
I have finished the water on my waterlily painting. Though, I do still have a few of the cream/peach reflections to put in. I will also clean up all of the edges where I removed masking before I finish putting the color on the reflections. The next step is to start the purple waterlilies and lily pads. I am continuing to take video, but I won't upload these to YouTube until I am done with the painting. I am entering it in the National Watercolor Society Annual and it has to be done by July 9th.

I have also included a close-up around the waterlilies. You can see some of the variation of the colors in the water. Some areas of water I painted wet-into-wet and some are hard edged.


  1. Wow, I am mightily impressed that you're able to keep track of all those lines and colors! It's looking gorgeous! Good luck finishing it up on time. :)

  2. It was definitely interesting keeping track of all the parts of the water in the beginning! I guess I thrive on these crazy, busy pieces because I keep returning to them. :)

  3. nice to see this pics really great
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