Thursday, July 3, 2014

Watercolor Workshop - Painting Background Figures

Admiring the Iris LWatry©2014
Do you like to paint landscapes or city scenes, but hesitate to add figures to your scenes? Adding a figure to your scene can really make it come alive.

This 3 day workshop will explore how to create simple, gestural figures that bring life and scale to a scene. In this workshop you will practice painting simple figures with minimal facial features, learn about figure perspective, and make them feel natural in a landscape or city scene.

Afternoon Delight LWatry©2014
The class is limited to 6 students allowing for lots of one on one time with me.

Dates: July 18, 19, 20, 2014
Times: Friday and Saturday 9am - 4 pm. (bring your lunch) and Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Fees: $145 if paid in advance or $160 at the first class.
Supply List: Available upon registration
Registration: Ends July 17th

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What Others are Saying about my Workshops and Classes:

"I really like the way you share information, tell us what colors you are using and why, and help us with composition and values. I really like the TV display (for demos) - we can all see what you are doing."

"Great variety of activities - demo; opportunity to try subject and technique; personal instruction; discussion of a subject; examples; handouts; go with interests of students; great TV screen so everyone can see; follow up on your website; books (in library); good teacher availability; small class size."

"Great class. Loved your openness and going the extra mile to answer questions."


  1. Lori, don't think I've ever seen your "Afternoon Delight" is a wonderful painting full of color and motion. Landscapes and people...that would be quite a challenge for me!

    1. Thanks Johanna. "Afternoon Delight" is an older painting from the Denver Botanic Gardens. I bet you would do great with landscapes and people!

    2. Thanks Lori for always replying. I tend to get too tight with landscapes. I do like the airy way in which you accomplish them.