Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Watercolors, Palette, and Brush

© LWatry 2011
    Some of my students asked for a list of the watercolors that are on my palette. So, I made up this image to show the colors I use and the brands of paint. I use 4 different brands of paint, but they are all professional artists grade, not student grade. The student grade paints have fillers in them. These chaulky fillers affect their look on the paper; they won't be as transparent as professional grade paints. Also, you may pay less for the student grade paints, but you tend to have to use more paint than with the professional paint. The key for the brand name abbreviations, under each paint name, is at the bottom of the image. (HINT: you can see a larger version of the image by clicking on it.)
    When I first set up my palette, many years ago, I used a book by Hilary Page - Guide to Watercolor Paints (see Amazon info). This book has information on each pigment and the brands that make them. It lists five factors: quality, reliability, lightfastness, handling characteristics and mixing potential for each of the paints. These can all be very important factors, especially lightfastness, when choosing your paints.
    I use a Stephen Quiller palette (see ASWexpress store). They come in plastic and porcelain and small (for travel) and large (for the studio). I like the large center well for mixing and the ability to set the paints up like a color wheel. I don't have my paints exactly as Mr. Quiller suggests, but it works for me.
    The brush that is pictured is the main brush that I use for most of my painting. It is a Golden Fleece Brush from Cheap Joes (see Cheap Joes store) and is a size #38. I have really liked this brush; it has a nice point for small areas and holds a lot of paint and water. This is not the only brush I use, but it is my favorite!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Lori. I haven't painted in a while now, and your luscious looking colors made me look at my palette. I see we use some of the same colors, and the same palette, which is probably the result of an instructor we had in common. Hopefully, this will inspire me to get back to painting again soon. Regards, Johanna