Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tips on Entering Juried Watercolor Shows

"Could be a future band painting" ©2011
I know it is now October, and I am really behind in posting to my blog. I am still trying to catch up from a very busy summer and start of marching band season for my son. I am the new bookkeeper for the band and now to the end of October a lot of my time will be given over to this duty. As a proud band parent I have to brag that they took 2nd place in a competition last night, moving up from 4th in preliminaries!
    Back to art, though. I was looking around at other blogs and saw this link about entering juried art shows. I think Deb Ward does a good job of describing the process of the entry from the show organizers stand point.
Something I would add to this is, when choosing your pieces to enter, try to see them from a jurors perspective. For most juried shows there are a lot of entries and the juror only has a few minutes to look at each entry. Make sure your values are strong and you have a good composition. Also, when photographing your artwork, only take a photo of the art, never send an image with frames, matts, or any kind of background in the image. You don't want anything distracting from your star - your painting!

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